I can watch this over and over

I’ve bought two copies of this concert on DVD. Both people I let them to had zero knowledge of who Mark Knopfler was. I was incredulous, and lent them my DVD so they could get a clue.

Both times – Gone. Never got it back.

Their blend of voices is incredible, as is the songsmithing of Mark Knopfler.

And, let me remind you, this is live. His live recordings are always better than the studio.

I’m a guitar geek. I play them, I fix them. I’ve collected them.

Playing slide on a Danelectro flumoxes me. These are typically bottom basement instruments and really, the same sound can be had with a telecaster, and I’m certain he has one. Seen him play them.

And that’s the cool thing about Mark Knopfler. He’s not a company man. He plays what fits the song he has in his head.


Here he’s playing what appears to be a 6000 series Guild archtop.

There is nothing that sings like them.

I had a lowly 5420 and it was, by far, the best sounding guitar I’ve ever owned. It beat out the Les Paul Custom I had. Not by much. But you couldn’t beat the clean, sing songy tone. The resonance was astounding.

I remember playing at Church once and my duaghter came up and asked if I was playing the Gretsch, because it sounded awesome.

I was.

I loved those moments.

I sold it to a friend to pay for a Carvin LB70.

I never looked back.

It was the finest, most expressive instrument I’ve ever owned. And it was a bass.

I loved playing.

I don’t any more. For a number of reasons.

At one point when I played at mass, we had an amazing singer. She was simply an amazing singer that could put soul and feeling into the tunes.

Yet at times she still doubted.

I told her once, after I as out of cancer therapy that her rendition of “Forgive me” was so moving I was tearing up, and couldn’t see my music. But I’d played it so often that I didn’t need it. BTW, picture that youtube recording with a bass or guitar playing lead with the piano. I could do either.

When I told her that, I also told her to think how much it moved me, and I’d heard it before. There were more in the church it probably reached as well.

Once she said she had a bad day. Who cared about her singing. I told her nonsense. We’ll walk out and some old blue hair lady would chirp about how great she sounded.

Right on cue, we weren’t 20′ from the door when some old lady cornered her and told her how great she sounded. I, of course, did the “EH!..EH!…” gesture. Toldya.

I’m not like Piggott and the others that think you can only sing ancient hymns with a choir and orchestra.

Music can be an accelerant to moving the soul. If you can reach people with more modern pieces with..GASP!..guitar…then so be it.

There’s been some movement with priests, as happens in July every year.

I’ve been asked if I’d play again. I said yes. Because the lady that asked is our singer’s mother, who plays percussion, and sings quite well herself.

I’ve nothing to play but a strat I’ve built.

I may have to go shopping for a busted up, forgotten instrument.


Are you all ready for guitar rebuilding posts?