.. almost heaven…

Herself left for her big sewing weekend with her sisters.

I worked late Friday and didn’t want to cook. I had in mind ordering from Flying Fish. They have great grilled platters that sport a very light redbeans and rice, accompanied by grilled squash.

Responsible eating.

So I did the right thing and picked up fish and chips at Fish & Fizz.

I can literally waddle here from the house.

And, sweet Jesus, it was as good as I remembered:

That’s a big chunk of Cod right there.

That’s some serious old “Irish” guy soul food right there.

My god it was glorious.

First time I went there, it was when the shop was new, long before the COVID bullshit. Herself was out of town. I went, sat at the bar, had some engish beer and feasted. It was a moment of clarity. I’ve been to the UK twice. This fish and chips are better.

I’ve been diligent about my diet. I’ve lost over 40 lbs so far, and am within 10 lbs of my fighting weight.

So I’m guiltless today.

A fine dinner, some white wine.

I’m happy.