King of the ShitStains

“Beto” otherwise known as Robert Francis pasty white affluenza riddled idiot made a spectacle of himself last week:

This was 100% orchestrated.

So much so, that not only dancing on the bodies of the dead, it makes me think that this tradgedy was maybe orchestrated. His ploy is transparent here, because he’s an imbecile.

That said, we don’t know what happened.

Many are throwing shade on the cops.

I don’t know. You don’t know.

It’s a small town. ~16K. I’m sure they made mistakes. But a lot of the analysis I’ve seen defaults to “We could have saved some if they went inside”. Maybe. It’ll come out. This is Texas.

Brandon Tatum had some good points here:

You saw a video, out of context, of a secure perimeter.

You don’t know what went on. We’ll find out . We’ll fix it.

I myself have questions:

  1. Where’d he get the dough for the kit? No shit, he had thousands of dollars of gear. How? It’s not that he could buy it, it’s how’d he get the dough-rey-mi to do so?
  2. Same with the NY shooter. No visible means of support. Yet he’s kitted up.
  3. A teacher left the door blocked open. Why? Will this teacher pay? Should.

Back to senor assmonkey.

What he did was stupid, gauche, and smacks of coordination here. Use this tragedy, which I would not be one bit surprised to find a three letter glowy pulling strings here. It stinks on ice. But “Fraaaanciissss” did no good by doing what he did.

Basically his constituancy is white gentry liberals that locused here from blue states. I don’t get them. Why is a totally unaccomplished, rich, done nothing white guy that attractive? Obama had the same thing going for him. Done nothing. Did nothing. Made matters worse.

Hell, every ‘hispanic’ I know hates the dude’s guts.

He only came close to Ted Cruz because Cruz has the charisma of a gila monster, and it was the times he ran. Now? He’s screwed. He’s running in a year were Joey IceCreamCone has brought serious pain on the country. The country, especially Texas is in no mood to accomodate a shitstain like Beto.

Back then, last time he ran, SABO had a great image that I’d love to paste everywhere now:


  1. (vulgar) (unpleasant person) (Latin America)
    a. asshole (vulgar) (United States)
  2. (vulgar) (fool)
    a. idiot
    b. dumbass (colloquial) (United States)
    c. prat (colloquial) (United Kingdom)(vulgar) (young person) (Southern Cone)
  3. kid (colloquial)
    La piscina estaba llena de pendejos.The pool was full of kids.(vulgar) (pubic hair) (Latin America)
  4. pube (colloquial)(vulgar) (coward) (Central America) (Mexico)
  5. pussy (vulgar) (noun)(vulgar) (immature) (Panama) (Paraguay) (River Plate)
  6. childish

That about sums it up.

BTW – SABO has t-shirts, if you need them.