Make it Stop

I don’t know where I found this. But I went on the site, sized it up, then left.

I’m literally getting hammered with Ads for this stupid product with an even dumber name nearly everywhere I go. Each video you have a whiny millenial voice complaining on how hard it is to maintain a lawn and how easier it is to squirt this soy/molassas/godknowswhat on your lawn.

For my lawn, the cheapest plan is $209 a season. $273 for the top plan.


This is my lawn:

The Front. That spot is a tree I cut down.
Half the back yard.

That dirt you see in the top right is actually cedar mulch that covers the dog path. There were bare spots a few weeks ago. But thanks to knowing what to do, the lawn is rapidly healing itself (Augustine grass does this, as does Bermuda to some extent). I planted “dog tough” grass plugs where you see that light spot. It’s taking over.

Know what I spend?

Maybe $100 a year.

I put generic fertilizer on it 2-3 times a year. And a few weeks ago put down ironite. I use a generic fertilizer, as opposed to weed and feed, because I have a mixture of grasses and those “southern lawn” total weed and feed blew out my yard the first time I used one. You really don’t need it here, since the kind of grass I have will choke out weeds if it’s healthy.

When the grass goes dormant, I’ll add peat moss.

I don’t know what kind of summer is coming, but if it’s bad one, the grass will go dormant, dry up and go brown. Not a thing in the world a fancy designer fertlizer will do for that.

But man, let up!

I get it’s in my email. But when I watch youtube, it comes up repeatedly. When I watch Amazon, I get it. Damn ad is all over the place now. Even on the radio. Wonder if they just blew out advertising down here because it’s getting to summer.

Pro tip – You should’ve started in February here. Have the fertlizer sunk in ready to absorb when it warms up.

I’m starting to see this more and more, getting hammered with ads when I look at something. It has the opposite effect on me. They lost me at the price, and now made me a blood enemy by beign in my face all day, every day.

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