Tough Week

Got the Coof, I did.

Started feeling wiped out last Sunday. I figured it was the beer flu and allergies, since I spent the whole day Saturday working outside in the gardens and hydrating myself with Yuengling. Herself was at the Daughters, helping her mind the kids after her procedure. So we did Mother’s day over there. I was commanded asked to make a shepherd’s pie. Seemed to take forever. I felt in slow motion.

When I got back in the evening, I went to cough – HONK!. What the hell was that?

Monday I got up, felt crummier and had a bit of the runs. So I thought, I’d better test. So I pulled one of the COVID tests out and gave it a whirl. It lit up positive.

So I had two days of a cough and fatique, everything but the fatique disappearing as fast as it showed up. Vitamins and Emergen-C seemed to help with that.

By the end of the week, I’d wake up feeling OK, thinking maybe I’d get that extra walk or bike ride in only to be wiped by the end of the day. It’s been up and down like that all week.

I’ve been reasonably well today, but still tested positive. I’m thinking I have more of an allergy thing now, since I walked out front to water plants and within 5 steps had an athsma style coughing attack. Had one on Friday when mowing the lawn. About had a third when Jasper was up in my face. Once they start, it’s tough to put them down and those are pretty typical for me this time of year with the amount of allergens floating around.

Usually Herself will mow the yard, but she’s away. But Herself has been at the daughters all week. She planned on the week anyhow, and me with the Coof gave her a reason to stay away.

I probably should’ve taken sick days, But I didn’t feel bad enough to not sit at my desk and work. And I probably shouldn’t have mowed the lawn, but the lawn won’t mow itself (it was really long), just as the dogs won’t feed and walk themselves, and the house won’t clean itself. My neighbor lady chastised me about not calling doctor. For what? I have no fever – never did, not much of a cough (the one I have now is clearly allergies), my smartwatch says my O2 is 97%. What will they tell me to do? Take it easy, take cold medicine.

Fits aside, I’ve had a decent energy level today, but my last test was still positive.

We’ll see how long it lasts.