A good one

I often listen to music as I work or type this blog.

A lot of the time I’m listening to podcasts, but that’s another thing.

As I was typing the other day this came on my iTunes:

First I saw these guys was when they were with Michael W. Smith at the Dallas Symphony at a Christmas concert a few years ago.

We got the cheap seats, behind the orchestra pit.

And they played this tune, which burnt into my memory so much I bought their album.

Dude singing and playing the fiddle. Bass player’s hair swishing as she danced and rocked that badass blonde Jazz bass (not the peavey that’s in the video. I’m a guitar geek. I know from basses)

It was epic.

But not as epic as the guitar player singing “Oh Holy Night”, with a choir and the symphony backing her up.

I cried like a school girl at the beauty of it all. Bubbling right here in front of God and everyone. Keep in mind, I’m in the cheap seats behind the orchestra in view of the whole place.

I didn’t care. They earned it.

They are awesome. Check them out.