On the Road

I’m on my way this morning to a convention of the vast right wing conspiracy, otherwise known as the Knights of Columbus.

It’s the second one I’ve attended, and hopefully the first where I don’t get food poisoning.

The first was easy to figure out. I was riding with a friend, and we stopped at a Buc-ees where I, like and idiot, got a sammich from the fridge case, instead of having a BBQ one made for me like my buddy. When we pulled up to the house my bowels were at DefCon 1. I barely made it inside before detonation, and spent the couple days in misery.

Second one was more stealthy. Both times I ate breakfast at the hotel, the food seemed off. The sausage didn’t seem cooked, the eggs runny. I thought at the time “Man, this is probably a bad thing to be eating, I should stop”. That took a few days to cook, so to speak. I think that’s a manifestation of e.coli, as opposed to the garden variety food poisoning. Sunday I came back, I was OK. Tuesday morning I was having bowel wreckage.

Both times the convention was in Houston. And like any large blue city, Houston put it’s convention center in the hood around nothing, just like Dallas. If you are there, you’ll find nothing to eat within walking distance. You have to schlep half a mile to the garage, and drive somewhere to find something to eat. This is to keep you in the center or the adjacent hotels. Because the other thing is that you’re in a shitty part of town and you don’t want to waddle around looking for grub if you can at all avoid it. Makes for a dilemma if you are looking for breakfast a half hour before having to post for meetings.

This one is in Corpus Christi. No idea what’s around. Don’t care. This time I’m packing a cooler with food. Dinner Friday and Saturday are covered. Lunch last time wasn’t worth the lines (a cold BBQ Sammich and bag of chips). So I’ll be bringing grub. At least enough for breakfast and lunch on Saturday as well as some ‘Cold snacks‘.

Since the dogs will be going to daycare today, Herself has my car, and I hers. While I’ll admit it’s nice to travel 6 hours in Herself’s hot rod, I’d prefer my wheels as they attract less attention. No one looks twice at a clapped out RAV4. A shiny black Lexus merits a look.

I think I’ll bring the Bulldog. One never knows, do one?

Other than the crappy food, these events are actually worthwhile and great to attend. There’ll be over 500 devout Catholic men, a handful of bishops, and a ton of priests. It’s a great opportunity to meet other devout men, and learn.

What I learned last convention, from my brothers in El Paso was how hated Beto was. I talked with more than a few. I think Pendejo was the nicer of the descriptions I heard.

I’m looking forward to it and the stories that will come.