Newton’s Third Law

I was going to post about Trudeau, our newest little corporal, going full dictator and declaring emergency powers – Just like the emperor in Star Wars. Only he didn’t specify that he’d return them when the emergency was over.

Their parliament was only too happy to back him up. How sad is that? There’s a decent sized constituency that’s A-OK with seizing bank accounts.

But then, like the sissyboy he is, he went and changed his mind.

The time to do this was when it first started, not after he’d already lost. All he had to do was what everyone else in the world is doing – dropping the covidiocy.

I didn’t think he understood Newton’s Third Law of Motion:

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Isaac Newton

Also known as:

  • No such thing as a free lunch
  • Actions have consequences
  • Simple Cause and Effect

Wonder if he had a brief moment of self-awareness after he squawked about Putin being a dictator.

Could be also that when banks moved on innocent protesters, your average Joe Canuck started withdrawing cash. And since you can do that digitally these days it cratered banking for a few days. Nice work. You went from a peaceful and righteous protest, to stomping grannies and screwing up banking for everyone.

And there’ll be, no doubt, round two. If I were a Canadian Trucker, I’d boycott Ottawa. Go get your own stuff. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of this.

Couple of really sorry aftereffects of this:

Heard any politician in our country say anything about this? You know they are cooing with admiration – “OOOH! look what they can do! We should do that too!”. They are that stupid.

Some jackass hacker got hold of the donors to the convoy and doxxed them. Ok, poor info-security there, but the usual suspects were fine with this. Interesting that he seems fine with everyone knowing his name and face. Not sayin’ nuthin’, but that’s a “nice” face. Shame if something were to happen to it. Then there’s this:

H/T Ace of Spades

Bad Move.

Personally, if I were on that list, anything bad happening to me, and I think what would happen next would be epic. If I saw this I’d probably do one of two things – pull out a BIC and simply set it on fire, or clone it with a list of lefties and replace it everywhere I could find.

I get a sense that it won’t be long until there’s going to be some severe real life consequences for lefty silliness.