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Russia Recognizes Donbass Republics

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I don’t care about Ukraine. Neither should you. There is no interest of the American people to be found there. What’s there is a country that is going to have it’s ox gored by a new pipeline serving Europe, who is only too eager to buy gas from the Russians. The only part of this that concerns us is that the Ukraine has been paying the Bidens money, for what we didn’t know until now.

Biden to do a zoom call with Putin. For what, exactly?

Dude shits his pants in front of the pope. Can’t keep a thought unless he’s pumped full of Adderall. I read this week where he said he’d go after Russia’s energy infrastructure.


Ok, let me try out my creepy BidenWhisper:

Guess what! The Russians have subs too! They also have hypersonic weapons we don’t have. Wanna see some US cities go dark? They can do that too! Guess what else they don’t have? A thousands of miles supply chain. You know what else they don’t have? A woke military! Ain’t no one in their subs worrying about pronouns.


I don’t care about Putin.

I don’t care about Xi.

They are acting in what they believe to be the best interests of their own countries. And since we elected a meat puppet, they are moving to take advantage and there is not one damn thing we can do about it. Not one. All China has to do is foreclose and liquidate.

We have no business meddling in affairs of other countries that have nothing to do with us whatsoever. What’s the upside of NATO being in Ukraine? None that I can see. It’s all risk.

The issue here is Biden’s puppet handlers not only don’t understand history and the fact these two are playing at a way higher level. We aren’t even in the game. The problem here is we have a dribbling idiot as a figurehead begin run by a crew of nitwits getting high on their own supply. They believe their own bullshit. Worse yet, we have neocons on the other side chubbing up for another war. Not one has explained why anyone here should care.

Right out of 1984. We’re at war with Eurasia, we’ve always been at war with Eurasia.

On Friday, US President Joe Biden announced that he had intelligence that had led him to believe that Russian President Vladimir Putin had decided to attack, and that it would take place in the next several days. The Kremlin has consistently denied it is planning to launch an offensive, branding intelligence reports released by Washington as “hysteria.”


Playing with the old fool like a cat.

Putin has read these chumps like a cheap comic book. I’m sure he knows everything they are up to over there.

The time honored practice of starting wars to hide the damage an administration has done to our country is long over. There’s no upside here. None.