Is that it?

We girded our loins here in DFW for another big ice storm.

The “wint’ry” mix was supposed to start last night.

Really didn’t. Although it got cold. Not as bad as last time by any measure.

I woke up to basically a frozen mist. When I let the dogs out, I realized the driveway was pretty slick. The dogs love this stuff. They were blasting around, and every time they hit the ice they nearly wiped out.

Halfway through you can hear Jasper smash into something. I’m guessing it was my car.

BTW, you don’t get a sense of size here, really. Jethro is nearly 100 lbs, Jasper is over 60. He looks like puppy (he still is) next to Jethro. Jet is his hero. He may bully Aria, our female, but he’d never cross Jet.

Herself had gone to early mass and couldn’t get the hotrod back into the compound. A little time and kitty litter solved that. Later in the day, I got sick of the dogs on hyper mode and took them out.

Hell, a lot of the sidewalks were dry. Although in at least two spots I hit ice and cratered to my knees. Still, no ass-over-teacup moves. No broken hip. And it did what it needed to do – wore them out so I could have some peace.

It’s supposedly 27 degrees, yet ice has melted.

A big fat nothing.

I will say, the best part was the squirrels were scared off the road. Matter of fact, It’s been damn quiet. No hot rodders blasting past my house.

So I have that.

Which is nice.