Tough Times A ‘Comin’..

Us humans have trouble with long cycles and thinking abstractly. We often miss things because our attention span doesn’t hold long enough, or we don’t have the ability to retain ‘dot’ we’ve seen and then connect them later.

Things that are happening now have a huge impact on what life will be like by the end of the year. For instance, I found this on Vox Popoli:

Farming Insider Warns The Coming Food Shortages Are Going To Be Far Worse Than We’re Being Told.

I’ve written some about this before. Bayou Renaissance man and Michael Yon have been singing about it for months. So much so, my jaundiced eye has been catching it.

  • The pandemic shutdowns gooched our supply system, which still has not recovered.
  • With the restaurants shut down, some of the food destined for restaurants was absorbed by the retail sector. The rest was trashed.
  • With the market down, distributors weren’t buying as much as before.
  • We generally store product a year in advance, that’s mostly depleted. So we’re having to catch up.
  • Then you read here, seeds and fertilizer are 3-4 times the price, if you can get them.
  • That means, famers will plant other crops – ones they can get or sell
  • Yields will be smaller and more expensive.

I’d also add that our numbnut leaders will do nothing or the wrong thing. That there is a constant.

If you haven’t stocked up, you needed to. You still can. Buy durable goods. Hell, at Fiesta generally has staples cheap – like $13/25lb rice, $10-11/20lb bag red beans.

Luckily, I’ve saved seeds from last year, and my new ones just arrived. Next thing is to score another steel raised garden.

Get out of debt, learn to live simply. You’re going to understand why grandma saved bacon grease.

Saw this in the article. I’ve seen it floating all over.

Wow! Full shelves. Taking what you need is easy when the shelves are always full.

Here’s my answer…

Update: Apparently, it’s not all food – but spare parts as well. This is nuclear bad. I already stock oil and filters for the cars. I think I need to look into other hardware I use a lot.