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I surf a number of blogs and news sites. This is what you have to do these days to figure stuff out. The main stream press sure isn’t going to tell you. So I thought I’d post interesting items I find.

Unintended Consequences.

I’m not so sure. I’ll get to that in a bit. Earlier in the week, before I got the great idea to do this, I read a great piece on why the supply chain, especially with food is so gooched. Basically, before the tall foreheads running us shut life down without thinking of the long term consequences, the supply chain for food split with distribution centers. These centers store product well in advance, up to a year. Which explains why the produce I get sometimes goes bad the nanosecond I get it home.

The two streams down from them are retail – your grocery store, and restaurant/food prep. Shut down restaurants, all that stored food cannot be absorbed, so they have a glut and the farms and processors have to slow or stop. Which they did. So we’re going hand to mouth, so to speak. I see many comments where they post the empty shelves at Wally World. The grocery stores all around me are well stocked. Turns out they do a fair amount of consignment, so the product is going to those that pay first. Makes sense.

Everything they plan on doing is making it worse – like Vax mandates for trucking. As it was with Obama, we’re in a mode where you have to wonder if they really are that stupid (is that even possible?) or they are doing it on purpose. Neither is good.

Was the attack in Colleyville a Fed Op? A replay of Garland?

Wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

Riddle me this, Batman; They knew about the guy and for reasons no one can seem to explain he was allowed in the country, found a gun, and found his way down here to Texas. These people, even the local crazy ones, are almost always ‘known’ to the people we entrust to prevent these things from happening.

Makes one wonder – are they really that stupid and incompetent? or they are doing it on purpose? Neither answer is good. Yet here we are.

Is Biden Inviting the Very War in Ukraine We Don’t Want to Fight?

Sure he is. Or his handlers. I’m not with Stephen Green here. I think Russia is plenty capable of looking after it’s interests. I’m in the Buchanan camp here. We have zero business monkeying around in their turf. I think it’s a bit hypocritical to monroe-doctrine chest thump about countries in our neck of the woods, and insist Russia can’t look after it’s interests near it’s borders. Besides, what’ll we do? Send a woke brigade there to pin up rainbow and BLM flags?

Enough misery for the week. But if you haven’t stocked up and are using a pantry type system to keep yourself supplied, you’re going to be in big, big trouble.

Keep all the food lines moving,
Don’t come cry’n’ for more
The signs were there, you should have bought connections before

Men at Work, Underground

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