And So It Begins…

The first of the year brought in winter to North Dallas.

Got cold

As usual, most of the country had actual winter. We’ve been enjoying 60-70 degrees or more every day. Day one of the new year, we started off running the AC.

I left to go out at around 5PM, the temp had dropped to 56 or so.

An hour later, it was 37 at my house. It dove to 20 or so overnight.

And that’s what we’ll see now for a few weeks. Decent, sunny days. Cold nights, but not all that cold. We’ll get our real winter weather end of month, maybe February.

Maybe not. It doesn’t always happen.

What happened last year was the first time anything like that happened as long as I’ve lived here.

Really doesn’t matter to me as I’ve prepared. My house was prepped for this weeks ago. My plants are in the sunroom, which can maintain 65-70 with a small space heater when it’s 20 outside. It’s surprisingly efficient. The upside of which is it provides a buffer for the dog door, so it stays cozy throughout the whole house.

My generator is broken in and ready. So bring it on.