How Would You Know?

I had big plans for this week.

Big Plans.

I did the cooking for Christmas and New Years and one of the things I tried out was a recipe for ‘Hoppin’ John Jambalaya”. Seemed awesome. I planned on a victorious post outlining how I made this amazing dish.

In reality, it pretty much sucked.

To be honest, I probably could simply serve my Black-Eyed peas recipe over white rice and call it a day. This was confirmed last night as I was too lazy to do sides and simply did just that. It was awesome. So that may be what I do. I’ll post it this week. If I can recall how I do it, since by this time it’s muscle memory to me. Been cooking these for 30 years.

This week I’ve driven by a few churches and other sites that have huge lines for COVID testing. There also seems to be a dearth of home testing kits. Got me wondering, since I know quite a few souls that have come down with the coof in the last few weeks.

I saw a funny image where it had Omicron symptoms matched to a NyQuil box. FWIW the symptoms:

  1. Runny nose
  2. Headache
  3. Fatigue (mild or severe)
  4. Sneezing
  5. Sore throat

Look at any cold medicine box. Same symptoms.

So I got to thinking – if they didn’t gin up a panic and we weren’t so paranoid and getting tested, and if you had these symptoms, would you be freaking out? Or would you think you had a bad cold?

And right on queue this morning, Vox Day posted this.

Really good points.

I know more than a few now that have this. Every one, it was like a flu that lasted only a few days. I also know a handful that had the precious versions, which were way more severe, although they all made it through, even though some were old with health issues.

I was chatting with a medical dude (won’t say his job, not a doc) but he felt as if COVID has mutated to an upper respiratory thing, and will be well over in maybe two months. I’m thinking so too.

I’m also thinking that the industrial complex that has made billions off this will be scrambling to keep their ox from being gored.

But I’m guessing it’s inevitable at this point.