Funny Stuff

Herself bought the dogs a few small rawhide bones to keep them occupied while we had guests over for dinner after Christmas. Far as I can tell, the only part left is the knot from one end. It’s about the size of a golf ball, maybe smaller, and there’s no reason on this planet it still exists with three big dogs.

And for whatever reason, that little piece has lasted all week, and is super coveted. There’s been more than one fracas this week over it. Aria will take it to her crate. Jasper will sneak into her crate and take it back.

This morning Jasper was sitting on the pillow by the window with it in his mouth. Looked like he wanted to play. So I took it from his mouth.

He looked like a small kid that had his lollipop taken. It was probably the funniest sad puppy look I’ve ever seen. So I gave it back.

Too funny. And another reason I need to walk around here with a go-pro on my head. It’s tough to capture those moments.

What isn’t funny is Kenny at Knuckedraggin took the week off from blogging. I’ll hit his site a few times a day for a laugh. You don’t realize how your day is brightened by such a little thing until it’s missing for awhile. Good for him though, he deserves the time he takes. I don’t think there’s another site I follow that’s as prolific.

For once, I can’t wait for Monday to get back to ‘normal’.