A big day, all around.

Christmas was a huge day here.

First all the kids and grandkids were coming so we had to board Jasper and Aria. Jasper is a spaz and the grandkids get scared of him. Aria really doesn’t like little people, and not being able to hide in her crate in quiet, she gets unpredictable.

Well, unpredictable to everyone but me. I can see it coming a mile away.

That said, all it takes is one slip, one kid to pass in front of her crate when she’s agitated and she’ll lunge and growl. Not a good scene. So away both went.

Soon people started showing up and cooking started. I did both a roast beef and a turkey, figuring who knows what. Better too much than not enough.

Roast Beasts

This gave me a chance to try out some carving knives I bought. I have all kinds of cooking knives but I don’t really have a decent carving knife. So I bought a few. So they got a workout, and I was right about how they’d perform from merely holding them. The one I liked best was no surprise, but I’ll leave that to another time.

I was a great, busy day. Lots of catching up. Lots of food. Lots of wine.

A big, big day especially for Jethro.

Jethro loves my son, who is clearly his favorite person. Then our youngest came into town with the boyfriend, who Jet likes almost as much. She was a bit bummed as she’d chuck a ball, and Jet would return it to her boyfriend. Every time. I told her “Jet’s a man’s dog”. He loves our son in law almost as much.

And, he gets to hang with the little ones. Jet’s really a big ‘baloo’ the bear around them. A real gentle giant. When he follows any one of them, it looks like they are walking next to a horse. Only bad part is he tends to forget they are next to him and he’ll turn and knock them over.

So not only did he not get his customary day of loafing and snoozing, he was being run ragged playing off and on all day. At the end of the day, he was wasted and panting.

After he had his dinner, he curled up in his crate and was pretty much done for the night.

I wasn’t all that far behind him.