Jasper “F-s” around and finds out.

Tomorrow is trash day. So before I got busy on my afternoon project, I emptied the trash in a bag to take out.

But I didn’t notice that Jasper had followed me back into ‘officer territory’. The bedrooms are off limits to the dogs, and are the realm of Bonzai, my ancient cat. Must have left the gate open.

That said, just before this happened, he had walked up to Bonzai, who was sleeping on her scratch pad, and gave her a good sniff – I’m guessing. Because what I heard was PFFFFFT!…PFTTTT!…PFFFT! for like 5-6 iterations and all I could see was his back legs twitching and trying to backpedal like he was being electrocuted.

He beat feet out of the room.

He wouldn’t go back. Every time he came close to the door, Bonzai growled, reminding him who was the boss of the turf he was standing upon.

He and Aria are all bark, no bite.

Luckily, no blood was spilled. Although I haven’t inspected his snout.

Lesson learnt. Let’s see if it sticks.