Check That One Off The List

While I’ve been off this week, it hasn’t all been fooling on my computer and drinking beer.

I haven’t been on the computer that much.

On the agenda is new tires for the hot rod. But, I really didn’t feel like it today. I’m not finding tires priced within my comfort zone. The ones that are, are cheap as hell which is the problem I’m having. These cheap ass tires are a hazard in the rain. And even though they have miles left on them, given all the economic weirdness these days I think it’s prudent to change them now. Knowing my car dealer the way I do, and the fact that the car is a 2012 with super low miles, I’m guessing it’s the original set. Which means they are dry as toast. They look it.

So this morning I pulled out, and while the gate was closing decided that fixing up the gate would be a better use of my time. So I parked it and got to work.

I have a huge procrastination problem. I bought the wood to do this a long, long time ago.

What I do is see something that needs fixing, and while I’m out and about I buy the parts. Then I dilly-dally. When I get 5-6 projects full of parts, I throw my hands up and get busy. In this case, the gate that closes off the driveway, securing the compound from the ne’r-do-wells, had the top trim wood worn so badly that the gate wasn’t really lining up with the far end – where it closes. And it goes CLUNKCLUNKCLUNK in the wind, from the slack.

As I pulled out, I noticed how bad it had gotten and realized that today was the day.

Yet another easy task that I’ve been putting off forever.

The trim is held by 2″ self tapping screws. All I needed to do is unscrew it, drill holes in the new piece to match, and screw it back on. What could go wrong?

Turns out nothing.

First piece off I clamped to the new first board, a pressure treated board, thicker than the original cedar. I did this to align the gate more precisely when it closes. The rest of it I used the same cedar boards.

That’s a worn out board. You can see where the rollers wore it down, nearly 1/4″

By the way, welding clamps are one of those tools you didn’t know you needed until you bought a few. And mine were cheap as hell. Horrible Freight, as you can see.

I took my time, drank beer, and savored the task. It was easy, satisfying work.

Jethro Supervising the Action

While I was working, the BossMan – Jethro, held vigil, making sure I was staying productive. He hated being in the garage when he was a pup. Now, if I’m there, He’s there. The only thing that’ll roust him is me dusting off something with the compressor.

Nearly Done

Turns out, I still had the stain from the last fence repair. So I stained the new wood. That was a mess, as trying to stain the bottom of the new wood got stain everywhere on the brush. Should’ve used the air sprayer. But one thing would’ve lead to another and I’d have ended up spraying the whole gate.

Now that I’m looking at it, today, I think I grabbed the wrong can of stain.

Meh…Close enough. A day later, it looks a whole lot lighter and shinier than the image.

It’ll probably fade.

The compound is more secure now.