Make Your Own Dog Food?

My dogs all get a mix of kibble and some canned food. After spending tons of money on high end food that bothered their guts, I settled on IAMS which has worked well. Especially on the wallet. I mix it with a bit of Pedigree canned food. Usually Chicken and Rice. Oddly enough, this cheaper food is nearly all meat and they like it.

Or liked it.

I got some cans of Chicken & Rice and it no longer looked like chicken mixed with rice. It looked like cat food and two of the three left it in the bowl.

So I counted on my fingers and toes and came to the conclusion that I could probably buy a chicken at Sam’s (Whole chickens are like $.98/lb.) and do things myself. I usually buy a two pack of whole chickens anyway. This time I picked up nearly 14 lbs between the two of them. Maybe 6.5 lbs a piece.

So I put the chicken in a pot, boiled it, and deboned it.


I mixed it with a little cooked rice. Maybe a cup. And put it in containers for the fridge.

Ready for the fridge

That night at dinner, they knew something was up.

She knows something good is coming

Let’s say it was a hit.

And it’s lasted most of the week so far. About like 3 big cans of pedigree. So not a lot of cost savings – if any, but I’m certain it’s better for them.

One thought on “Make Your Own Dog Food?

  1. Way back in the day when I was a vet tech and read everything I could get my hands on (pre-internet) about animal health there was one thing that has stuck with me all these years: Farm dogs seem to live so much longer than pampered pooches, and one of the (probably numerous) reasons is that they eat real food. Or what used to be called “table scraps”.

    One reason I stopped feeding our dogs real food was the cost of the meat. Seriously, why did I never think of those chickens @ $0.98/lb??? My dogs will be as happy as yours, very soon!


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