And so it begins…

We have two pecan trees in the back. They are huge, beautiful trees that shade my house during the heat of the day. Matter of fact, when the power was out and it was 100 degrees, it only got to 83 in the house. This explains my very affordable electric bills.

But every year about this time they start dropping nuts. They get rotten and drop. I tried spraying a bit, but these things are massive and I don’t have the gear.

What’s different this year is that I moved my aluminum patio awning from the patio, which is now a sunroom, to the garage to use as a carport. It’s turned out to be one of the things you didn’t know you needed until you had one. It makes it nice if you are working on the car or some other project to have a fan blowing allowing me to work in comfort. It also keeps the pecan juice from squirrels eating and leaving the droppings on your car. It looks like someone’s been dipping and gobbed on your car, and it’s about as much fun to cleanup as well.

You’ll be out there working then BLAM!, the sound of a nut hitting the tin roof. If you’re in my office, it sounds like someone being rear-ended on the street. If you’re in the bedroom, it sounds like happy fire from the apartments near the WalMart. Hard to get used to.

So this is my project for today:

What a mess.

Every year, this is a mess. Luckily, not on my car any longer. Outside the gate looks just as bad. Chewed up, stepped on, and run over pecan detris. It all has to be shoveled off the drive. When the leaves drop, I’ll be pressure washing. Luckily, it’ll make great mulch.

So that’s job #1 today, which needs to be done before triple digits happen.