Words Fail…

It’s been a hell of a week for the Biden administration. Or let me back up, the Grima Wormtongue that’s actually running things. As usual others have said it better than me. Nearly anyone on my blog roll to the right has better analysis of things. I tend to like Adaptive Curmudgeon, Bayou Renaissance Man, and Busted Knuckles.

Biden already looks beaten down, and the killing has yet to start in earnest from abandoning our people in Afghanistan. He knows he screwed up. He owns it whether he knows it every day or not. As somebody that lived through the fall of Saigon, even though I was a kid, I know a colossal political screwup when I see one. There are several great books on it. One of the best being Triumph Forsaken. Long story short, the Democrats got control of Congress, and when the going went tough they quickly abandoned the peace agreement and promptly abandoned South Vietnam. Millions died. I remember the “boat people”. I’ve met many.

This is arguably worse. Not only are our people there, and there’s apparently no plans to go fetch them. We now look like a Class A punk on the world stage. It’ll be a generation to get respect back, if it ever happens.

To make a long story short, our greedy, stupid, and incompetent rulers have done four years of screwing up in only seven months. We’ll soon be thinking that these were the good old days. Because it’s not going to get better. They’ll move Biden aside, that’s always been the plan. But is cackling incompetent of a vice president is probably worse. I’m guessing there’s a 50-50 chance that they do some shenanigans just like they did with the election and make matters far, far worse.

But the worst of it is a vaccine Nazis. I honestly don’t get this. The data is out there, the vaccine isn’t anywhere near as effective as advertised, probably only 30 to 50% at best, it flat out doesn’t prevent you from getting COVID, nor does it prevent you passing it on to others. Matter fact, if you go to Vox Popoli you’ll see stats that in a lot of countries the risk of the vaccine is actually higher than dying from COVID.

So why are employers mandating the vaccine? Why is Biden doing it?

With uncle sucker paying off people not to work, finding good employees these days is nearly impossible. Letting good ones go is inconceivable. You know how expensive it is to find skilled employees? Lot of healthcare facilities are finding out. Funny, even though I work for a large corporation that is on the cutting edge of wokeness sometimes, our CEO flat out said they are not mandating a vaccine. Nor should they. He suggests you get the vaccine, he encourages you to get the vaccine. But they aren’t going to make it mandatory. Doing so would be self defeating considering the hundreds of positions that we have open for skilled people.

Seems the stupid has infected more than just politicians. This is just a control freak thing. Some people like to be bossy and act superior. A huge Dunning-Kruger pandemic. I’ve had so many idiotic conversations with people, I don’t even bother anymore. I know one old dude that was convinced that even though he had COVID, and survived just fine, getting the vaccination made him even more safe. Yeah. Didn’t want to hear that actually it makes them more susceptible to different strains. Maths don’t lie.

Having a large population that’s vaccinated hasn’t helped Israel all that much. Like I said, the data is out there. We know how it works, We know what doesn’t work. We know what works to cure it.

We’re in Heinlein’s Crazy Years

Those with eyes ought to see.

Now, they want us to take a booster. Yeah. Nope. Why? Because they are spit-balling now. Stupid, Incompetent, and Greedy say to do it? I’m not doing it.

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