A tragic loss, and Jasper update

Kenny over at Knuckledraggin lost another dog. Lucy was old and not well. Doesn’t matter. Just because you know something like this is coming, it doesn’t make the pain any less severe. Not long ago he lost Charlie.

Both times his loss hit me in the guts. It got real dusty in here reading about this. I don’t know the dude from adam but can image the pain. I know eventually the day will come for me, and I’ll be ruined.

Unless, of course, I shoot them myself.

Such is the trials of our boy, Jasper.

Honestly, I need to come up with a funny Kenny name for this dog. He had CharlieGoddammit (Search “Charlie” on his site and prepare to laugh). “Legal Lucy”, the dog that just died, and “Asshole Jack”.

Jasper is a sweet dog, but he’s a wildman, no doubt.

I thought I’d have it easy. If I put his meds in a chunk of hotodog, he’d gobble it down. No sweat. Today? Well, He didn’t care for the crunchy bits and spit them out. That was solved by a can of expensive “Taste of the Wild” canned food that I decided to treat them with. Just tucked it in the goo and his bowl was clean. I’ve learnt from Jethro, that has a limited shelf life as well, though. Nothing sucks more that seeing the bowl licked clean with the pill sitting in it.

I have an old lady neighbor that we help out. She called and wanted me to take her to mass Saturday, then WalMart. No sweat, although it mostly kills the morning. Right as I was about to leave to pick her up, Jasper blasts in the door, with a split cone of shame. Barely a day and he’s ruined the thing.

I muttered some foul oaths, went to look for duct tape, which I know I have, and the cussing started in earnest. I finally found some, taped his lampshade best I could, and rocketed out – late, to go pick up the neighbor.

While waiting for her to shop, I found cones of shame at Pet Supplies Plus near us. So I dropped her off and headed there.

Lucky me, the cheap ones were gone.

The one I got cost me nearly $35. But it’s mostly canvas, flexible, can be washed, and attaches to his collar. Man is it nice not to get stabbed by sharp plastic edges anymore.

ZenCone. So far, so good.

His wound is healing nicely, so I’m thinking of getting rid of the cone at the end of the week. He’d be due to get stiches out after that weekend anyhow.

Far as limited activity? Not-going-to-happen.

Herself took Aria and Jet for a walk this morning, and I’ve never seen such drama. Barking, howling, frantic running back and forth to the gate. I’m guessing that a short walk would be better than the stress he put on his thigh freaking out. It took half of one of my eggs and a sausage link to put him right and calm him down.

I have to say, watching my wife deal with this was hilarious. She came out from the back and Jasper was up on top of the crates, looking at her eye-to-eye. She’d never seen that. And since she came back from her trip early, she’s the one that gets the cone jammed in her thighs.

Going to be a long week.