Don’t Grow Old

Sometime ago, the grandkids were over. I was chatting with the son-in-law as one of the boys blasted around the corner, faceplanted, got up, shook it off, and continued wherever he was going.

I looked at the scene and said, “You know, that’s something I can’t do anymore either”.

Getting old really sucks.

Little dude.

Few months ago I had my rotator cuff reattached. It hurt. A few weeks ago I started PT to loosen it up and build it back. Yesterday I was walking the little dude, stumbled over a bump in the sidewalk, and went ass-over-teacup (as my mom used to say). Landed on that shoulder in a half roll.

The pain was exquisite.

After I could breathe again, I realized that the shoulder was OK. It was my sternum and ribs that were smarting. Luckily, I had some decent painkillers left from surgery. So painkillers and Ice, and I’m way more mobile today. Can’t cough or laugh without pain, but it’s clearly better.

Years ago, I wouldn’t have stumbled. And if I did, I’d recover without faceplanting. I was much more nimble, resilient, and mighty.

Needing to burn a huge supply of vacation time, I’m off this week. Had a big week of yard work, gardening, sorting, and whatnot to do. That looks like it’s shot and I’ll spend the week with ice, painkillers, my computer and books.

We’ll see. I hit PT tomorrow. That’ll be fun.