Anyone lose a dog?

I see this a lot on NextDoor.Com. Matter of fact the lions share of the posts are either “I lost my dog” or “I found this dog”. This one is great:

Lost something?

Literally I found this dog directly after the same lost dog post.

Cracked me up.

That said, my neighbors are, for the most part, gracious about corralling loose dogs and trying to get them home. I had Jet blast out the door when we first moved here. He ran up to the old lady on the corner and into her back yard. She shut the gate and waited for me to catch up.

I’m lucky to have two that, for the most part, won’t venture off our property. I’m not sure about the puppy. I think it’s only a matter of time before he realizes he can easily jump the chain-link part of our fence.

Then I’ll be the one posting.