Pop Music is Dead

I was bartending at a charity affair the other night which had a decent group from the church play. Mostly they did big band and jazz pieces. Most the guys are old and play well. They even sang some tunes, or tried to, God Bless ’em.

At one point they played “Heard it on the Grapevine”, with the woman keyboard player singing.

Us two bartenders looked at each other and came up with two things. First, that’s not a song to be sung by a woman. It’s a song where a man is emotional, and chastising his woman. Listen to Marvin Gaye sing this:

Full of emotion. I’m being picky of course, that’s a tough act to meet let alone beat. Man, he was gone too young. And there’s more talent on that stage than you ever see from the likes of any of the kids these days. These guys are playing live. There’s no recorded tracks, no dance numbers. Raw talent making music.

Second is, how did we get from this amazing piece to WAP by Cardi B?

I find most music vulgar these days, and none more irritating than what emanates from the likes of Cardi B. What they produce these days isn’t music. It’s really just a tribal, vulgar, mating ritual.

And I’m not some old geezer that can’t get with the times. I play music. More than one type as well. My iTunes library is deep and wide – from classical, to bluegrass, R&B, rock, and even some of the newer acts that actually craft music.

Take a look at this:

Here’s a woman, that was taken from us way too early, that led one of the greater rock bands – the Cranberries and can sing a classical piece that brings tears.

I’ve no interest in what’s popular these days. Idiotic beats belched out by vulgar cretins. I hate it when I see it on commercials, or halftime shows or thumping from some moron’s car speakers.

I’ll stick with what’s good, beautiful, and true.

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