Post Freeze Cleanup

The only thing from the big freeze that I had to deal with, is to fix the washer plumbing properly. When a SharkBite connector failed, I simply went to the store to get another and slapped it on. It still dripped because the copper was a mess.

My quick fix

The jacked up pipe where the connector sits was only half the problem. The other half was this:

What the hell?

I have never, ever seen copper pipe bent instead of using the proper elbows. It had a kink wheree it exits the bean. So I thought while I’m at it, I’ll fix that abortion as well. I have plenty of copper and could have simply come from the top elbow, installed another elbow, and ran to the shark bite connector. But I didn’t want to have that connector bridging copper and PEX. Why not do the whole thing in PEX? That way, I get to use my cool crimper my son bought as a Christmas gift a few years ago and lessen the chances of another freeze.

Crimping an elbow

That tool isn’t for everybody, I think the thing was like $75-$80. But I’d never used it, since most of the repairs I’ve had to do with plumbing involved a PVC sprinkler system. I sweated on a connector to go from the copper to the PEX, and simply plugged in the L-shaped PEX that I fashioned. By the way, that sloppy soldering above my connector isn’t mine. Clearly, for one side, the bigger the glob the better the job.

The final repair

I probably should have crimped on another elbow, but the SharkBite is brand-new. And now nothing drips. If I were to do this right, I’d go up into the attic and move those lines away from the electric. No idea what they were thinking. When my arm is back to close to 100% I’ll move that electric up where it should be, away from the pipes.

That’s about all I had to deal with. Although, looks like the cold murdered my olive trees. We’ll see when it warms up. Maybe there’s something alive in the Manzanilla tree. The other looks rough but still green. $60 shot. Had the plant maybe 6 months. I should’ve potted it and left it indoors until spring. Live and Learn.

All done