Today’s the Day

“When someone gives you free food and a place to stay, even if they do it out of kindness as I’m doing right now, sooner or later they’ll cut your balls off. Remember that.”

Adaptive Curmudgeon

As this hits the interwebs, our boy Jasper will be on his way for a date with destiny.

The boy

Our vet neuters after six months, and New Years was his six month anniversary. So off he goes. I can’t remember if the big dude, Jethro, had the lampshade of shame when he got his neutering. I don’t think he did. We’ll see I guess.

And it’s coming right in the nick of time. He can be a little on the aggressive side. And while I thought it unusual that he hadn’t tried to hump anything yet, that ended with a splash on New Years as he took, what I would call, an unhealthy liking to our son’s girlfriends rat terrier. Her male rat terrier, who is old and wasn’t digging the attention of the much larger doofus, Jasper.

At one point, it was decided to put the poor little guy in Jet’s crate to give us a break. But Jasper slipped into the crate just as the door was shutting and the whole thing turned into a prison nightmare scene. Nice move, putting him in the cell with a budding sex offender twice his size. So with some excitement, they were pulled outta there. Whoops. Good idea, poor execution.

Normally, I’d find hijinks like this hilarious. But after a few hours of telling Jasper to knock it off, it got exhausting. What finally quieted things down was full bellies. We fed them all, and they ended up getting tired and laying around.

So we’ll pick him up this afternoon, and endure some nuttiness as his hormones settle. Then we’ll see. It certainly calmed the big dude down, somewhat. Hopefully there won’t be a lampshade and the other two won’t pick on him. We had a cat that needed the lampshade, and our other one figured out that he now had crippling blind spots and proceeded to kick his ass every time she went by, just because.

We’ll see. I’m expecting craziness.