Jasper Update

Well, the little dude made it.

My wife dropped him off to the vet early. She had to give him a nudge on the keyster to get in the building. He’s only been to the vet three times or so, all for puppy checks. But for some reason, he’s not a fan of it now. Probably because COVID, we can’t go in with him. Our vet is older, and doesn’t want to deal with it. So they have curbside service.

It’s really amazing to see what happens when a pack member goes missing. The two big dogs loafed all day. Camped at the back door, looking out. It was a somber place. I got a call mid day from the vet saying everything went well and he was being a trooper. I could get him end of day.

So 4pm came, and I went to fetch him. He was more than ready to go home. So I paid up (it wasn’t cheap), and they gave me a doggy anti-inflammatory and doggie xanax. When I opened the door to let him out, the two big dogs went crazy. I’ve never seen three dogs so happy in my life.

So I took them in and gave them all treats. Which lasted all of ten minutes. Little dude hadn’t eaten all day and was famished. So I fed them all and tried to get back to work.

Wasn’t easy. Jasper was whiny and clingy. He not only wanted to be around me, but wanted to be on my lap. Hell, I don’t blame him. If I had my plums removed, I’d probably be a whiny mess as well. Eventually, I gave up and went to sit and read in the living room where he curled up next to me with his head on my lap. That’s pretty much how he stayed for the remainder of the evening.

But today is a new day. And he’s up running around with his pals, same as ever. As I write this, he’s curled up on the couch, Jet’s curled up on his pillow, and Aria is curled up next to me in my office as I check email and start my day.

A typical post breakfast morning.