OK, Dr. Stupid…

I did it again. I did it after swearing I’d never do it again.

What did I do? 

I had a few beers and decided to give a thread on Facebook a poke with a stick, Thereby insuring an argument over silliness with people that are clueless. Classic Facebook stuff. My brother in law likes to find these kind of articles, then post on facebook and implore everyone to read them and have an honest discussion. Heh. 

The article du jour is here.

TL:DR warning, so I’ll sum it up; Those ignorant rednecks in flyover country bellowing about ‘muh freedoms are the reason the country is so messed up and COVID won’t go away. If only we were like the Canadians and Europeans, who are actually more free than us. By the way, if you skim that article, and look at the comments, it’s a great view into the prog hive mind. Those comments are what these people think of ignorant hayseeds like me in flyover country. Epic example of irreconcilable differences, if you ask me.

That said, I have this issue, which I think I’ve stated more than once before. If I see a flawed premise, the whole thing – article, movie, book, whatever, is shot for me.
Here was my take, which I commented:

What utter horseshit. He starts off with flawed data, and waddles into a flawed premise. Just a quick look at North Dakota’s COVID site shows monthly deaths have collapsed and active positives are trending down. His flawed premise that Europe and Canada are better are missing the important point that Canada is full of Canadians – mostly British and French. Most every European country is homogenous. We’re a mix. So yeah, I agree. We aren’t Canadian. Far as the virus goes, between the lies and the incompetence, no one believes anything the gubmint says

Me, poking the stick

A response: 

Some of us do believe experts who have demonstrated competence in their fields, however. No, your personal opinion is NOT as valid as my years of training and experience.

Dr. Stupid

Nothing about my note about the numbers being wrong. Nothing about the authors comparison us vs. homogeneous cultures.

And it appears that Dr. Stupid’s years of training and experience overcome her common sense, and she sees no problem with the “experts” like Fauci  contradicting themselves. Sees no issue with TPTB ignoring other, real experts pointing out it’s a respiratory virus that we should take common sense precautions just like we would with the Flu or Colds.

Hell, Aesop said this way back when. Wash your hands, stay away from sick people, don’t deploy your booger picker unless you’ve washed it. Unless you have the right mask, fitted correctly, it won’t protect you in the least. And judging from what I’ve seen around town, the masks aren’t protecting me from them. Half have the damn thing under their nose, or have huge gaps. Whatever. 

Far as my opinion, it’s mine. Between the screw-ups, lies, and incompetence, let me put on my shocked face that people are ignoring any official ‘advice’. I’m allowed my opinion.
I suppressed the urge to go for the jugular, and surfed the woman’s profile. Oh. Sweet. Jesus. I’ve seen this one before.

I posted this meme:

My brother in law then reposed it, to which Dr. Stupid did a six stages of Kevin Bacon about how beggin strips are Nestle, Nestle does this and that and thus is ruining water in the third world. Wut?

So Beggin’ strips are evil. Huh?

This woman is a primary example of the kind of emotive midwit, like the commentors in the article, that I get into spats with before I realize I’m arguing fruitlessly with a dimwit. It works just like smacking a chicken with a sword in ‘Zelda’. The chicken screeches and then you’re in a chicken fight.

I’ve already culled my friends list down to direct family, and those friends that I’ve actually spoken with more than once. It’s tough to block out the friends and friends of friends. So I’m about to delete the account again. I only maintain it to access a group page from a charity I belong to, and post stupid memes I find on the web, usually from Kenny

Never again. Social media, like Facebook, is mostly useless. Just observe the confederacy of dunces, don’t interact.

One thought on “OK, Dr. Stupid…

  1. I’ve seen this sort of thing but don’t engage.

    2020 is the year I realized most people are easily befuddled, mostly because they can’t or won’t see an issue from a different perspective.


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