Now, matters are worse…

The democrats are stealing the election.

They are stealing the election with jaw dropping brazenness. One of the better articles on their shenanigans is here, a piece by Larry Correia. I won’t get into all the specifics. Others have done it better. Peter at Bayou Renaissance has a lot of great information as well. They are doing it because they’d rather burn the system down than lose.

The term “Sore losers” doesn’t do justice to how they roll. Most of those on the right hand side of the fence will take a loss, as long as it’s a fair game. FWIW, we endured Obama for eight years.

This is the worst possible outcome. It’ll break two ways:

Biden cheats his way in. Everyone and their mother knows the man is senile and this campaign is a transparent bait-and-switch. So we’ll be stuck with Harris, who bailed because she was going down in flames in their primary, Dead Last. We’ll have a president that their own people didn’t want.

Hell, most didn’t want Biden. They just want bad orangeman gone. In the best scenario, they’ll do a ton of incredibly stupid and unwanted stuff the minute their fannies hit the office. All hell will break loose, and they’ll lose both houses in 2022, like they did in 1994 and 2010.

Worst case? Bloodshed. Democrats have a track record of turning up the misery index to 11. And all those guns weren’t purchased for hunting wabbits, you know.

The other outcome is that Trump prevails through the courts, and the left will screech about the election being stolen from them. Just like last time, only worse. Hell, they already are burning their cities.

Neither side will have any reason whatsoever to trust elections any longer. And that’s the true damage to all of us. By cheating, they broke the system. Way to go.

The democrats are being gracious about this. As I write this, they’ve spent most of the weekend gloating and celebrating that the media told them Biden won. Biden wins when he’s standing being sworn in. There’s a lot of drama to go before then. Speaking of drama, there are going to be some mighty long faces in the BLM/Antifa crowd after Biden is sworn in. They will have no more usefulness once the geezer is shoved in place. I’ll give them a clue – the term “jack booted thugs” wasn’t coined during a Republican administration. We’ll see soon enough if they were in on the game. “Useful idiots” didn’t come from the right wing crowd either.

There are a couple other reactions, of which I don’t know what’s worse. The lefties keeping lists for retribution, like here, similar to any commie regime, only more hamfisted. Or the conciliatory “We can be friends, right?” Like this quote:

…You can chose to be one that takes sides, and be a loser for the next 4 years, or you can chose to be a part of the winning team that gets America back on track as a healthy, wealthy superpower….with great alliances.This doesn’t mean we can’t disagree on policy issues, or what’s best for all of us. A natural tension between political rivals often results in a competitive spirit that can lead us to better results. An unhealthy competition leads us to division and mediocrity.

I won’t say who said that. But that’s some mighty strong kool-aid he’s been drinking.

Lovely. Where was that attitude the last four years? This the kind of mindset that tells a daughter that if she’s getting raped and can do nothing about it, she may as well lie back and enjoy it. Because that’s what happened to those voters in the contested states.

I’d like to think sanity will prevail, and election rules will be fixed. But that’s a big “ask”.

Awhile ago I read “The Fourth Turning”, buy Strauss and Howe. It’s terrifying how much of what they’ve written in 1996 has come true. It reads like the Foundation series. We are right on track for peak crisis phase at 2025. I read an update sometime ago where they gave four likely outcomes. The worst of which would be a civil war not unlike the last one we had. The best was everyone gets together and sorts things out peacefully. The two in the middle had varying degrees of awful.

I have no faith, none, that the best outcome will happen.

It’s sad reading this material, knowing what’s coming, and seeing it happen.