Monday Quote

“Why should a British guy have to come to America and explain your presidents to the ignoramuses on the street when they’ve been put through public education, at considerable cost to this country, and with so little effect? It’s the same with the slavery question. You hear people saying things like we’ve never addressed the question of slavery. ‘What are you talking about? Have you heard of this thing called the civil war that happened?’

The thing is, they don’t know. It’s ignorance with presumption layered on top. And this is now the consequence of it. They think they know all about history. They’ve got so many theories about it,  and they’re all wrong, and they’re all rooted in ignorance. And too few Adults in America have been willing to turn around to them and point this out. We do not need to hear from people this ignorant. We do not need to give in to people this ignorant. We shouldn’t be listening to people this ignorant.” 

Douglas Murray on the Eric Metaxas show describing a conversation he had with the hangers on after they took down a Teddy Roosevelt Statue.

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