The choice is clear

I didn’t watch the debates last night, because I couldn’t be bothered. What’s the point of watching orangeman argue with the demented geriatric? Other than obviously entertainment value. I did, however, read Stephen Green’s DrunkBlog. That is how to do these things.

Trump, back in 2016, was clearly the least worst choice. Having been in IT and technology for 30 something years, if anybody did what Hillary did, they would be fired and prosecuted. What she did is the antithesis of every security policy I’ve ever written.

So I voted for OrangeMan. Not expecting much, I’ve been pleasantly surprised. He’s done a lot of stuff I like, he’s done a lot of stuff no worse than anyone else, and I delight in watching the establishment’s fur being stroked backwards. Besides, I grew up in the DC area. I know many, many people whose livelihoods depend on the “Deep State”. Don’t think of this as some “Blacklist” type conspiracy, think about it as in a whole lot of people that make a good living in, and have a vested interest in, keeping the gravy flowing for themselves. That gravy is made with your tax dollars. What they do for that money is not only not needed, and most of the country is not only uninterested what they claim is essential work, but if they found out would be livid. It’s wasted money.

I am entirely uninterested in the ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ show that the Democrats are foisting upon us. The man is clearly suffering from dementia. They had him hopped up on amphetamines, probably wearing a diaper, and most certainly wearing a wire to go toe to toe with Trump. Did you see his pupils? FFS, I’ve had to eat a bag of ‘shrooms to get that look.

Does he look like he could be the leader of the free world?

Is that preferable?

The man is a career backbencher mediocrity that’s become rich through graft. He’s a three time loser going for the presidency, a buffoon. He embodies everything I hate about politicians. He’s done nothing in his life other than serve in public office and somehow it’s made him a wealthy man. He’s had 47 years in office and has fixed nothing, has no legislation attributable to him. And sadly he’s the great hope of the progressive left. He’s simply a vehicle to drag across the line so they can put somebody in office that most Americans will loathe.

This is embodied in what they did with Harris. She was among the first to be jettisoned in the primary process. Democrat voters clearly didn’t want her. So what did these geniuses do? They put her second on the ticket. Another woman, like Hillary, absolutely devoid of charisma, and replete with a record of punishing “people of color”. She reveled in sending these people to prison. That blade of truth was used by Tulsi Gabbard to shank her in one of the primary debates. Do they really think their base is that stupid?

I don’t know what they’re up to, or what sort of organization is lying behind Biden. But I’m pretty pretty certain that the game plan is to have him sit in front of a TV, post inauguration, dribbling oatmeal on his chin while people who you don’t know and didn’t see in the election running the show.

Is that preferable?

Fact of the matter is, between Clinton and Obama, they’ve denuded the Democrat bench so bad that all that’s left is corrupt geriatrics and crazy true believers. They often crow about the politics of personal destruction, but that’s merely projection. That is what they do and they’ve destroyed everyone in their party that is not 100% with the program.

So they’re putting up another scrub and it’s transparent. They’ll probably lose, and there will be rending of garments and grinding of teeth.

Normally I joke and say by guns and ammo while you still can, an epic line by Mark Steyn. But that time has long passed. If you don’t have a crap ton of money, or connections, you are out of luck.

Buckle up, it’s going to get weird.