St. George in Retirement

Recently, I’ve gotten into Joe Rogan podcasts. Most of the time, he has nobodies on which I couldn’t care less about. But I tune in when I recognize the guests. For instance, His interview with Ron White was great. That’s the exact kind of thing I like to listen to when I’m working.

I caught his show with Douglas Murray the other day. It was interesting, but then got more so about midway. About an hour into it he hit resonance with me.

Watch it all.

St. George in Retirement syndrome. After slaying the dragon, St. George goes into retirement and fights dragons of smaller and smaller size until he’s waving his sword in the air at nothing. He goes on to explain that what a lot of these people are doing today reflects that they think they are fighting some major battle. But in reality they aren’t slaying dragons, they are bothering geckos. Amen Brother.

The leaders back in the day, for a number of things – civil rights, the environment, etc were giants and were fixing things that were really in need of repair and rethink. These were major movements. Wouldn’t it have been huge to walk with MLK? Wouldn’t it have been huge to work to fix pollution?There’s nothing like that these days.

In the US, at least, much of the work of the past leaders has led to better, cleaner, easier lives for nearly all. Are there problems today, of all sorts? Absolutely. But, the ones people are loudest about are pretty small scale, easily explained, and dealt with. Start with enforcing the law, then realize that nothing, but nothing, is accomplished by tantrum and playing in the streets.

How did we get to this state?

Well, for sure, there are many that are way more ignorant and gullible than people were in the past. And the media makes it worse. They are propagators of the ‘narrative’.

I have a friend that when he calls, we wind up talking about current events. He repeats “I don’t understand this…I don’t understand…” as a mantra. So I explained the Narrative.

  1. Something happens, some event. They may even use an old one.
  2. Those in TPTB, or wannabes, sit and think- “How can we use this to our advantage?”
  3. Then they craft the Narrative. An iteration of “The Big Lie”.
  4. The media happily joins in. Repeated over and over again, it’s the story everybody knows.
  5. Somethings gotta be done! So grand juries, commissions, are impaneled to size up the facts.
  6. They find the facts the exact opposite of the Narrative. Usually, a quick look and consulting Occam’s Razor would have been just as right and easier.
  7. Heads explode about the coverup – this jury has to be on the take, no?

Then it begins. Again. Lather, rinse, repeat.

So what you have to do is ignore nearly all mainstream media, Fox included. Ignore social media. These midwits could report to me that the sky was blue and I’d still look out the window. Hell, how many times has Fauci given us conflicting information? It happens so often, I no longer pay attention to any of them. Look at the Democrats “Weekend at Bernie’s” election strategy. Everyone knows it’s a bait and switch. It’s sad. We’ll all suffer for this idiocy.

You have to do your own research. Start hitting sites that have been proven trustworthy, follow links. I’ve found that most times the foreign press has better reporting, especially when they don’t have a dog in the fight. It’s really tiring to do the media’s job.

Between the activists and the media’s malfeasance, and rank incompetence on the part of our leaders, we’re heading towards an epic crisis. And what’s worse, these lunatics on the left are promoting it. Unaware and ignorant of history, they have no idea. If they did, they wouldn’t do it.

Later on in the video, Murray talks of his research on Revolutions. I’ve done a fair amount of reading on these myself. Every one resulted in these instigators getting wiped out if they get their way. I’ve told more than one person that these fools are the very first put up against the wall. Murray states it always starts the same way; Once over, the revolutionaries hold meetings to discuss ‘the rights of man’, and don’t get around to listing out boring stuff, such as laws. Then things go pear shaped.

Years ago I read Strauss & Howe’s ‘The Fourth Turning‘. Written in 1996, it’s predictions are eerily on track. I read a follow up where there were four likely outcomes of all this in the next few years. They are all painful, and only one has no bloodshed.

Buckle up. The rides about to begin.

Funny thing here; I don’t have tweeter, but apparently Rogan’s had to mea culpa over this interview. I heard it during a discussion of his dealings with Spotify.