Spoilt Dogs

Steroids have cured Jethro, thank God.

Homey was suffering. And sorry, I feel for him like one of my own children. Dogs aren’t much different. They don’t know why they are suffering and count on us to help them. When my son was 3 years old, I spent a weekend with him sick (the others were with there mom visiting family, I think, or dancing). My whole weekend involved him – keeping him entertained – we watched movies, I gave him his medicine and breathing treatments. We never left the house.

I’d do the same for my pups.

It’s no different. They need my help, and I’ll give it.

The vet never returned my calls about diet. Whatever. I already know. Meat and Rice mix added to their kibble. Turns out, they hate the expensive kibble I’ve been mixing in. So, it’s cheap Iams (Which, turns out is in stock at ghetto Kroger, God help me) and whatever meats I find cheap mixed with rice.

Last week it was pork/beef mix, manager special at $3.70 for two pounds. For the price of 1.5 cans of el-cheapo dog food, the pups ate all week a mix that I’d eat myself in a tortilla with sauce, cheese, and veg and cleaned their bowls.

Friday, it was 3 lbs of Kroger house brand 80/20 beef, with rice.

I store it in quart containers in the fridge. At ~1/2 cup per serving, that’s over a week for around $12 and I have the benefit of using it for my lunch, if I want.

Thing is, Big Dude has an allergy to poultry. And there are nearly no cheap canned dog foods that don’t contain chiggin. None. A lot of the others, more expensive, I buy and they hate. So it’s money wasted.

So screwit. They get what I’d eat mixed with the kibble they like.

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  1. No need to apologize. Dogs are domesticated, meaning that WE, as owners, have a responsibility to care for the pets we bring into our circumstances. PERIOD. If you aren’t up for that, don’t get a pet.


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