Shithead of the Week

This one isn’t actually doing something careless.

He’s going slightly under the speed limit, after all.

See if you can see it before I flag it.

That’s me screaming “Your gonna f-ing die!”

This dude is going under the speed limit, causing a knot of traffic that’s trying to get around him without getting too close. Typical Harley rider, content to putter down the road in his own world. Screw those 4 wheelers, I do what I want.

Notice the cars trying to get around him as he goes slightly slower than the fool in the left lane gobbing up the works. People don’t want to get too close. You cannot do this on a bike. You can’t be an obstacle. All it takes is a doofus that’s texting to hit you. You HAVE to keep moving ahead in traffic. I want people to look at me and scream about that asshole biker. At least they’re looking.

Notice the typical Harley, the only light is a feeble light in the back. No signals, no reflectors, no hi-viz anything.

Harley riders are the only ones I’ve ever heard tell me stories about being run off the road. How the hell does that happen on a vehicle that accelerates and stops faster than a car? (Well, not sure about Harleys. Jap and German bikes sure can).

It’s because they were putty-putt-putting not paying attention and let a car get too close. That’s how. You’d never see a sport or sport touring rider do that. Certainly not me, that’s for sure. I don’t even do that in a car.

For whatever reason, the only ones that have been run into at lights that I know have been on Harleys as well. I’m guessing it’s the low profile and the absolute lack of anything to catch a moron’s eye from the back.