Happy St. Paddy’s day

And I have no wife to blame me,

I’ve no chains upon my hands.

I take my ease at what I please,

‘Cause I’m a rambling man.

Happy St. Patrick’s day.

Don’t be fooled by the green beer.

Irish don’t drink that. Drink some Guinness instead. It’s only 140 calories or so.

They aren’t big on corned beef and cabbage. That’s an American thing. When they came here, Corned Beef, at the Jewish delis, was cheaper. They weren’t shittin’ in linen, after all, like my Irish mom would tell us.

They use bacon – more like ham, in that dish.

The feast day celebrates St. Patrick bringing Catholicism to the heathens in Ireland – the Celts to be specific. “Driving the Snakes” (the demons) out of Ireland. His story is epic. He was kidnapped and sent to Ireland as a slave. He got free, got home, got educated, got religion, became a priest and went back.

I’m not doing it justice. But it’s a crazy story.

Funniest thing I’ve ever seen is an Irish dude here that had a T-Shirt that said “I don’t care where your grandma was from”. My grandparents were from  Connemara. My cousins have been there. A brother and sister have visited the old country. I’ve yet to.

I didn’t take advantage, like some of my cousins, to claim Irish citizenship when I could. I still can, but it doesn’t pass to my kids, since 1986. Fuggit.

What would St. Patrick think about what they did joining the EU?

Irish are known for their hot headedness. I can’t see these immigrants staying as the “Ireland for the Irish” takes hold.

Don’t blame them.

They have a storied culture. They should protect it.