We have both a gate, and a garage door openers. They really are handy. Pull up, mash the first button, the gate opens. Mash the second one, the garage opens.

Keeps the cars, and everything else, away from Goblins.

But, they have remotes. And remotes get lost. More accurately, we leave them in the car we traded in. We’ve done that twice so far.

So you have to score a remote ($37), and program the thing to work. When you lose a remote, or leave it at a dealer, it’s best to wipe out the controller and reprogram the remotes you have on hand.

When Herself bought the SUV, I struggled like a champion to get the new remote to work. It wasn’t that hard, I kept telling myself. No matter what I did, the garage wouldn’t accept the remote. I gave up and programmed the on-board buttons in the truck, which was a better solution really.

She still had a remote in the truck, so I figured it was busted, and ordered a new one. I need one to hang in the garage so I can open the gate.

So, it shows up and I do something unprecidented…

I read the instructions!

See that button on the left, next to the battery?

You gotta press it 1,2, or 3 times depending on the model of your opener. The older remotes that came with the house didn’t have that.


Did that and two seconds later, I had a working remote.

BTW, I’m typing this as the class is catching up to yesterday’s work. Don’t read the directions when there are dependant steps, and what you get is a mess.

Read the Manual -RTFM – words to live by.