Shoot Me

I’m in a class all this week.

Not teaching it. Learning it. It’s the same package I’m being tasked to support that tormented me whilst trying to learn it on my own. Turns out, we had the same issues in class, and found the same solution I found, which is the class images are old, and the licenses are expired. When I got to that point weeks ago, I knew I’d be in this class and didn’t bother asking for a new license. I figure they’d have fixed that on the class images.

Nope. Notsomuch.

The class is on east coast time, so it’s 8AM to 4PM for me, sitting in the chair, staring at the screen. And the remote training software has analytics that will dime you out if you take a break or are multitasking. So no taking a break to play with dogs.

We’re behind, and the first day is nearly over. My shoulders and legs are screaming from sitting all day.

Bad as I feel, I feel bad for the instructor. It’s absolutely punishing to have all the student machines being wrong, with none working as they should. Even worse that it’s a typical class, and some aren’t following the directions. Some of the installation process has to happen in a specific order. For instance, you have to setup config files before you install, otherwise things get gooched. Some missed a few crucial steps but kept on going.

That’s really hard to untangle as an instructor.

Even harder to see the untangling without butting in.

Not my job.

Mine works. A little RTFM goes a long way.

The temptation to go grab a beer is overpowering.