Scenes from IceApocalypse 2023

We had a ‘wintry mix’ last two days. Which was really ice and rain. I was telling my collegues that the white stuff you see isn’t snow. It’s ice, not unlike the ‘snow’ that’s made at a ski resort. Then it rained on top and froze, as it does about once a year here.

BTW, below is that actual bush:

I was going to cut the thing down. It appears mother nature has done me a solid. I’ll grab the pruner and do the deed later. That bag there is flotsam from the secondary road bordering my house. Missed that one. At least it’s not an MD 20/20 bottle.

Ice days are wonderful here. Especially if you’re like me and have continously stocked freezers and pantries. The day before this started, I went out and grabbed some fresh veggies (as I’d normally do on a Monday anyway). I’ve worked from home for nearly 20 years and for what I’m doing lately, I don’t even need interwebs. Although, Spectrum as been very reliable and if it craps out I have two mobiles, two carriers, that I can hotspot if I need.

What’s nice is even the retards with the loud pipes and subwoofers are sharp enough to take a break. So it’s quiet. All you hear is the rain, the dripping of ice melting, and the occasional car. Probably some poor sap that has to be at a physical work location.

Not to say there wasn’t carnage. There were a few cars on their roofs posted on next door and when the missus went to the office yesterday afternoon (when it was all slush) she said there were pieces of cars littering the roads almost the whole way.

You don’t drive on ice, if you can at all avoid it. You, like me, may be skilled at this but the others aren’t. Hell, they can barely drive on dry pavement. What you do not do, ever in the ice, is go up an exit ramp on the highways here. Get off on a frontage road, turn on a frontage road, and re-enter the highway. There were stories of tractor trailers that attempted this and slide backwards, uncontrollably, into the line of cars behind them. How’d you like that pucker factor? The one where you’re trying, stupidly, to get up a highway ramp, and gawp as the big rig is sliding back mowing everyone down in front of you.

“You may not get stuck with that 4×4, but 4wd doesn’t help you stop and it doesn’t help anyone else stop either”

Mark Davis, 660 AM morning host

FWIW, one thing I noticed with 4wd in mud and ice is it gives you the ability to slide sideways. Ain’t no drivers ed for that situation.