End of an Era

Pat Buchanan hung up his keyboard.

The man had a sense of clarity that few have today. I’ve spent the last 30 years or so reading his columns and books. Some books were epic – like his tome on WW2, which at the end explained how entangling alliances caused us no end of misery. Entangling alliances that got us invoved in all sorts of places we have no place being involved. South Ossetia was the one at that time. Ukraine is the current one.

He’s lived long enough to see all horrors of his warnings come to be realized.

I used to watch him on the tube back in the day and watched his speech at the ’92 convention.

We had moved back to Virginia not a year before, and were maybe in our house 6 months as we were sitting in the living room win front of our our old school TV watching the convention. I was just getting interested in this sort of thing.

I found little to argue with. As a matter of fact, the speech resonated with me quite strongly. He was right on every point.

Every one.

The next week or so was my first experience with left wing nutbag gaslighting. As I heard them shriek and rend their garments, I had to wonder; did they listen to the same speech I heard?

Working class – forget what color – are by far the largest group in this country, and are, by and large, ‘the forgotten men’. Not only are our interests not being represented, they are denigrated. And sure, the largest part of that class are white, but all are suffering from this. Think about all the jobs that didn’t require a college degree that are long gone.

The other thing he’d talk about, constantly, was the idiocy of expanding NATO to Russia’s doorstep. After the USSR folded, and Russia remained, We had an epic, once in a century opportunity. Russia and the US have many common interests. But no. We looted them, and expanded NATO – welshing on a promise made at the reunification of Germany.

Sad, all around.

Another lone voice crying out in the wilderness is gone.

We didn’t listen.

Now, matters are worse.

We’re about to learn the hard way.