Will it Never End?

How long? How long, Oh Lord, must we endure?

Endure Hillary, is what I’m saying.

Just like Smaug, only a lizard instead of a dragon, Herself waddled out of the Lonely Mountain to blather on twitter about those evil right wing conspirators that will cheat, steal, and generally disenfanchise the holy ones in the upcoming election. I won’t post the link to the actual twitter feed, but go read about it. No one should have to listen to the lizard queen.

Vox Day put out several excellent books about SJWs; SJWs Always Lie, SJWs always Double Down, and Corporate Cancer. I’ve read them all, they are seminal works. And they apply to left wing lizards like Hillary just as much as your average Social Justice Warrior. To Wit:

  • They always lie
  • They aways double down
  • And they always project

Here we have projection, writ large. If memory serves, they are the ones that were shutting down polling places with fake floods, pulling ballots out of suitcases, ejecting Republican observers and covering the windows. The list goes on and on. She was the one screeching and pointing at Trump about Russian collusion, all the while it was she, herself, that was doing this, as we now know.

What she’s actually saying here is they plan on cheating and stealing whereever they can on election day, and will surely point the finger to everyone else but them. I think it’s too late. I think an electoral thumping for the ages is coming, and they’re setting the stage to contest wherever they can. In a good year, when the economy is rolling along well, an incumbent will lose seats. When it isn’t, like now, what happens is a bloodbath.

We’ll see.

Hopefully she’s done belching fire, and will waddle back to hibernate on her mountain of grifted gold. One can only hope. Her, and the rest of the gerontocracy are poster childred for a hard ban on being in office after 70.

*PS – Stephen Kruiser labels her as Herpes. Probably a better description.