Where I Voated…

So I voted the other day. So what?

Jeezis I’m a mean looking geezer.

Today, It’s been raining. It started before I got outta the shower. Aria was out, got rained on, then was “Fug this, I’mma done Tom Turkey” and has been in her crate nearly all day. I wish I could sleep the rainey day away like the pups.

During these kind of times you’ll hear a local way “Well, we need the rain!”. And so we do. It’s been a gentle, old fashioned soaking all day.

But the other day was a different story. Behold:

My persimmon tree is busting loose.

These are Japanese Persimmons, of which I forget the name. But apparently, the are not sour if they aren’t totally ripe.

Totally ripe they are like gooey water balloons that plop on the ground and make a mess.

I myself am not a fan. I can’t taste sweet. So to me the taste like cucumber/plum mixes.

It’s what it is, I suppose.

The tree isn’t as full as year’s past. I’m sure it has to do with my trimming. So I’ll put out a call shortly on NextDoor for those that want to pick whatever they can get.