Tell the Beetle to Shuddup

Robert Francis (AKA Beto) O’Rourke was apparently at a school of some sort, flapping his lips about education (h/t Divemedic):

O’Rourke is, of course, an idiot whose only accomplishments seem to be growing up affluent and marrying into money. He’s a nobody former backbencher in congress for a few terms that appeals to the white gentry liberal class and millenials. As you can see from the clip, other than maybe half a dozen, everyone else is a paleface. The latinos I know, especially from El Paso where Beto is from, hate his guts.

I don’t get this about the democrats. This propensity for becoming a fanbois of useless, spoiled, rich, unaccomplished imbecile politicians. This guy will be an improvement?

Not if he keeps getting things backwards.

In this case, the parents aren’t interfering with teachers that are simply trying to do their jobs. They are going ballistic because they found out what was being taught to their kids. Actually teaching them CRT, but gaslighting saying they weren’t. How many TikTok videos have we seen with teachers chirping about teaching the kids pronouns?

When Beto was running for senate here, my neighborhood was festooned with Beto signs. They were everywhere. Then he said “Hell yeah we’re going to take your gun”. Then, not so much. I saw it starting when I was out walking the dogs and saw an old dude waddle out of his door and stuff his Beto sign in a trashbag. Not long after, those signs started disappearing.

I had my first new Beto sign sighting this morning. By my count there’s maybe a half dozen hardcore blue lefty locusts around here. You can tell them by their ever-present yard signs; BLM, “Everyone’s Our Neighbor, Rainbow flags, Ukrainian flags. I counted maybe four Beto signs among them. Saw the first new one in the wild today.

It won’t last.

Greg Abbott isn’t a bad governor. He could be better, but he’s done a decent job and he’s not as abrasive as Ted Cruz. And people move to neighborhoods like mine for the schools, which are excellent. This kind of thing won’t resonate with parents here.

Going to get funny. I’m sure the gloves will come off before long.