Way to Go, Granny Winebox

What is granny winebox doing going to Taiwan?

Antagonizing the Chinese, for sure, that’s what. All over talk radio, and in the press, like where I linked, I hear “We can do anything we want, We’re Americans”.


Even though they’ve been threatening? They don’t appear to be bluffing. Will they shoot her down? Probably not. Although taking her out on takeoff with one of our own stingers gotten from the Taliban yard sale or Ukraine would be delicious irony.

Then there’s the old “Missing and presumed lost”.

But we’ll see. There’s more that they can, and probably will do that Joey IceCreamCone and the Bozo Explosion won’t be able to handle. You know, you can’t affirm the ‘One China’ policy for the last five presidents, or more, then all of a sudden, ignore it. The time to pull something like this off was long ago. Matter of fact, I seem to recall Obama coming close. That would’ve been a good time to simply declare that we recognize them as a separate country.

Don’t know what’ll happen but it probably won’t be good. Nothing has been thus far with this crowd.

And why is she on a junket with a fat entourage on our dime?

Anyone sick of that?

I’d love to see what the tab for her galavanting around with all that military escort is costing us to basically stir up trouble.

Truly, we’re at the ‘loot the treasury’ phase of an empire’s decline.