You don’t see that every day

We had a quiet Independence Day around here. I expected Herself to drive back from her trip on the 4th, but she posted a day earlier. So we had a whole day before she’d have to head back to work. I myself am off this week.

Neither of us are big on huge loud parties. We were invited to a friend’s ranch to watch the Plano fireworks, but I wasn’t feeling well. My guts have been acting up again.

So we hung out at #1 Daughter’s house, and sat on the front lawn viewing like four different firework displays, all close by.

On the way over, I was turning left to go on I75 North frontage road when a car was turning left (From westbound, opposite my lane), and I see a door swinging open. The car rolled through and the door closed. I was a car back, so all I saw was open door entering the intersection and closing exiting. All the middle part I missed.

Huh. Don’t see that every day.

A few seconds later, this huge black dude rose up from the intersection, carrying a shoe. He walked across the southbound lanes, and heading north, lumbering like bigfoot.

Huh. Don’t see that every day either.

No idea what that was about, but it sure was funny to watch. Sadly, I was behind a few cars and my dashcam didn’t catch it properly. Damn Shame.

Today, I had little planned. I screwed up the cart I’ve been building, so I planned on sanding it and shooing more laquer, correctly this time, to fix it. I’ll do a piece about it. It’ll be a tale of paint on laquer and treachery.

Also had to gather stuff to take with Jasper to his new home. A family in Plano is adopting him. He’ll belong to a 20 year old dude, going to college while at home. They are super nice and Jasper seems to like him.

I really didn’t have the heart to do much of anything past that.

I dropped him off, and probably lingered too long. We had to distract him. He got to a point where he was whining and chomping at me, telling me he wanted to go home.


But he won the family lottery. The back yard has a bunny issue. Matter of fact, he flushed one out while I was there. They have a pool, and a group of people that will dote on him. He’s a cool, happy dog. He’ll be fine.

Me? That’s another story.