Fun with Pets

It’s hot now in DFW.

And right on queue the nattering Karens on NextDoor are posting about how cruel it is to walk your dog in the heat. Can burn their paws up, doncha know. Why after 85 degrees, it’ll burn their paws straight off!


Well. The dogs have to walk. I don’t have much of a choice. Here’s what goes on every morning here:

By the way. This is what it looks on our walk:

It’s 86 degrees. The sun is low in the sky and the sidewalks are still cool from nighttime. It looks like this during 75% or better of our walk. Nearly every block has puddles from the sprinkler systems that the dogs will drink from if they need. You’re good until around noon here. Heat of the day is after 3pm. And even then, the dogs will walk on the grass. They aren’t stupid.

I don’t want heatstroke, and I don’t want to pay the vet bills if my dogs get it.

That said, even in the mornings it’s been relatively free of other humans. Lots of dumb adolescent squirrels though. I’ve had enough. I simply let Jasper go on full afterburner to chase them. All I need do is waddle up to the tree and collect him.


I had to collect the old cat, stuff her in a box and take her to the vet. She hasn’t been in 5 years. Why bother? If she were a human, she’d be an old grandma that simply wants to lay about it bed and watch her stories. Yet, the deed had to be done.

Where’s that crate anyhow? Didn’t I throw it out?

Nope. It was in the shed, covered in dusty ick. So I dug it out and scrubbed it.

All Clean

So she got stuffed in it and away we went. Surprisingly, without any bleeding on my part. That’s not normal. She’s getting old, for sure. In days past, all it took was one claw to grab the crate, and it was game on.

$285 later, we’re back. She’s old. Has kidney issues. Needs a special diet. We’ll see.

That’s sort of like putting premium gas in a 20 year old Camry hoping it’ll last longer. She’s a good cat. Was a good huntress, and a great companion. She’s earned the right to loaf until she leaves this mortal coil. I’ll look into the special diet. Hell, I can’t hardly find the food she likes any longer, Why not?

Last Sunday, I had to manage our Council’s pancake breakfast. I was gone most the day, and wiped out after. The boy helped for most of it. So I didn’t expect him for dinner. Yet he posted, which was nice.

The dogs love my son. He’s a superhero to the two males – Jethro and Jasper. Jet is particularly attached to him, and won’t let him out of his sight, even when he heads to the can:

Jethro holding vigil for his hero’s return

To get some perspective, that gate is just shy of 3′. It’s 32″ high. He’s a big dude.

We may have a home for Jasper. Probably the best one that he could move to. A young dude that wants a pal. Jasper was a hit. They liked him even though he whizzed on his mom’s basil plants.

So we’ll see how that goes. They have house guests so can’t get him until next month.

That’s it for now. Pointless babbling on my part.

His eyes are glowing but he’s not a glowie.

2 thoughts on “Fun with Pets

  1. They should just re-brand to KarenNextDoor.

    We’re up and out before the ssun comes up and then again after if goes down. Otherwise we go out to the (fenced) back yard under the big shade tree a couple times during the day


  2. The dogs are smarter than any Karen. At least mine are. If what they are walking on is too hot they get off it.

    I have walk my American Staffordshire Terrier in 100 degree heat, for a short time, with no problems. We did get into some deep loose sand once and she let me know right away that it was too HOT.


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