It’s because of taxes, that’s why.

Caught a Brandon Tatum appearance discussing BLM’s tax problems.

Got some low watt, ‘The View’ quality talent there.

I can explain it easily, even though I’m not a Tax Accountant.

Some background here. BLM was taking heat, and prevented from fundraising, because they failed to file their form 990s, which validate nonprofit status. When they did file, people had questions. Preguntas. Fragen…

Patrice Cullers, their Dear Leader (or one of them) was fast and loose with BLM funds. She bought milions in real estate for herself in nice ‘safe’ (cough..cough) neighborhoods. Paid her baby-daddy money, paid her brother money for ‘security’. Yeah.

So. When you have a non profit, you need to spend your funds in the furthering of those nonprofit goals. Hence the form. No form? You pay tax. See where I’m headed?

So the low watt bulb woman dominating the early part of the discussion says all those politicians can practice nepotism and hire their family, why can’t black people?

They absolutely can. But who says these people were hired? Oh…the tax form…right..

But those relatives of politicians and business leaders, by and large, aren’t being paid by nonprofit dollars, donated to further a cause. You do it in a nonprofit, and the gimlet eye of the IRS will stare upon you. For instance, if I had a nonprofit with ‘patriot’ in the name, and I paid nonprofit dollars to my baby mama, I’d sure as hell be audited and that expense disallowed. I seem to remember a certain politician, John Edwards I think, back in the day who’s campaign blew apart when it was found that he did that. Maybe since they are the in crowd, they get away with it. That’s what the 990 is about as well. Now everyone knows and can decide if they want to line the directors pockets with their money.

Can you get away with it? Sure. But you also may have to pay back taxes and you risk your nonprofit imploding.

BTW, a better example of where it was done by others would have been the Clinton foundation, or any Foundation that a politician has. This is where they launder the cash, keep their toadies employed in the out years, funnel cash to their friends (for consulting and whatnot), reward their lackeys when they leave politics, and give paid board memberships/directorships to their pals. It’s nonprofit but it doesn’t mean there isn’t a ton of money floating around.

That analogy would’ve gotten them in hot water. Everyone does it is not a good response.

About the real estate?

Same thing.

You can’t, far as I know, use nonprofit dollars for your personal gain. If you do, you threaten the nonprofit entity. If they scrub that transaction somehow, justifying it however, she still owes taxes on the income she was given, whether it was given to her to buy the house (So she’d owe, pre purchase) or if she were merely given the house (which would be calculated as income).

Hasn’t worked in the past for any religious figure. Shouldn’t work here either. Someone gave you a house, you won a car in a raffle, you sure as hell would have to report it as income of some sort.

Eventually, the pendulum swings the other way. These types fall out of favor. The IRS will be voracious for cash in the not to distant future.

By Tatum’s observation, BLM has done squat to make black lives any better. They are, like any of these woke nonprofits, a grift. And some on the right hand side of the aisle are no better.

You’re wasting your money giving to them. Want to help? Get involved locally in your community.

You still want to give them money? Do yourself a favor and see what percentage is spent furthering the goal you are giving them money to further.

That’s what the forms, and disclosure are about.