Odds and Ends

Busy week this last week.

We had a crawfish boil on Saturday. I had a zoom call in the morning and gave the boy instructions how to get started. He did me proud and had things moving for when I was off my call.

It started off bad. I used Herself’s hotrod to go pick them up because, rightly so, she doesn’t want the dogs messing up her ride. I made sure to use extra Ditra liner so the drippings wouldn’t get on her carpet. Then, like an idiot, crabbed a big bag of seasoning out from under the sack and a crawfish claw laid it open like a razor blade.

Huge pile of crab boil seasoning everywhere. Really tough to clean. And turns out I missed a bunch.

Can’t win.

Purging the Bugs
First Batch

First batch was OK but wasn’t really hot. So I cranked things up a notch or two for the corn/onions/mushrooms/potatoes/sausage. By the time they were done, we did the second sack, which came out perfect.

The pups were off at daycare. So end of day, I went to fetch them as my son cleaned up a bit. His friends wanted to hang and meet the pack. So when I got back, the scraps were in the can, and everyone in the house. Oddly, the dogs blasted in, got a snack, and looked around like “Hey! New Friends!”.

Bad thing was, when it was trash day I opened the can and Oh.My.God – the smell of boiled death. Crawfish carcases don’t keep well in the heat. So I grabbed a bag and doublebagged it, spilling awful juice on my shoes. Worse yet, In the moment of epic frustration and smell, I forgot a bag. Bad as it was Monday night, it was excruciating Thursday night before trash day 2. Wow.

I rinsed the can and gingerly poured to ooze on the compost, warning the dogs that they weren’t to touch it under pain of death. I went for a second rinse, and promptly spilt it on my shoes.

Can’t win.

Monday, I had to bring the excess cardboard to recycling. You’re supposed to be able to leave them out on recycle day, but it’s a crapshoot whether they take it or not. The recycle drop off is a block south, so I simply bring it there.

This caused a “Why we can’t have nice things” moment.


Monday morning. All those bins are empty. And as usual, nobs have simply dumped their crap for someone else to deal with. Those blue bags are lawn waste, which doesn’t get dropped there. Nor do the paint cans lined up in front of my car, surrounding the “$1000 fine for dumping – no chemicals, yard waste…” sign.

As I was finishing, a blue haired dimwit parked directly behind my car.

That blast of light is her windshield. BTW, I was the only one in the lot – 5 spaces open to the left of my car, yet for whatever reason she had to pull up right behind my car. Luckily they were open, so I could back up a few feet and use them to turn out.

Dipshit. I should’ve yelled.

The garden is popping.

I’m getting cucumbers, both types – pickling and eating. I’ve been enjoying uber peppery radishes for a few weeks now, as well as pepperocinis. Have all sorts of tomatoes ripening, as well as greenbeans. Two cantalope vines that I grew from recovered seeds and growing like weeds.

Gonna be a great summer, tater.

Early in the week, the fridge water dispenser croaked. It’s now pulsing pitifully and the ice has stopped. There’s only a few reasons for that. When it started I replaced the filter, which really didn’t help. It simply made less noise. Could be a frozen resevoir, but it’s used so much during the day, I can’t see that. Last thing is the valve, which is a dual valve – ice and water.

Having filtered water and ice is integral to life around here. Buying water sucks.

The valve I ordered showed up today, and I’m about to dive in. Looks easy enough, even though access to it is inside the fridge. I ordered that because the other cause – the control board, is stupid expensive. The way it acted as it failed seemed like a valve with wear/calcium buildup issues.

We have a family that wants to adopt Jasper. Couldn’t be better family either. It’ll be their college age son’s dog. He asked if he’d be OK running with him.

Are you kidding? He’s made for that.

I had to bring him to meet the dad, who seemed thrilled with him. He is, after all, a man’s dog.

Jasper behaved like a champ. He’s really a cool dog. I showed them some of the commands he knows, like “Sit”. He plopped straight down and stared at me. He’s a good dude.

They can’t take him immediately, but want him first week of July. That’s a good thing. I’ll tell them to have him come by a few times to walk him, so he’s used to him when moving day comes. And when it does, I’m certain to have some dark, dark days.

Walks are hit and miss these days. Hotter the better. It wears them out. Yesterday it was warm, and they behaved like champs. All walking together, a minimum of stop-2-sniff episodes.

Today, matters were different.

They all wanted to go different ways. I made the mistake of walking down the closest cross street to us, which turns into rabbit-poop blvd a block away. Rabbit pellets everywhere and they want to sniff, inspect and taste them all.

They all stopped for a sniff, As I stared across the street, lost in my dark thoughts of bad luck.

I refocused as I noticed Jasper cocking his leg and pissing on my shoe.

New walking shoes.

I can’t win.

Lucky for him, He’s not long for this house. I nearly stuffed him in the car and took him to the shelter.

He’s like that smart kid with zero common sense. He’s whizzed on Jet’s head at least twice.

What a doofus.

Next week I get to stuff an angry, fat ball of fur, claws, and fangs in a box and take her to the vet for the first time in years. Last time, she had a checkup and a hot-tank. As the tech handed her over she said “That’s one pissed off cat”.

Luckily, I trimmed her claws, so bloodshed should be minimal.

We’ll see.

I have a funny video of my first attempt to fix my hammer drill. It’ll be funny. Since I was using my main phone to listen to podcasts, I used my work phone and it took awhile to get around to moving the content to my computer.

Been playing with GIMP

More to come. Trust me.

Have a good weekend.