Learn to Shave

I remember a day when a men’s shaving commercial would have some stud with a heavy beard, who just after shaving, had a hot woman all over him.


That there is a Sideshow Bob, who looks like he needs to shave maybe once a week.

After their screwup commercial, Gillette is off my radar. Wouldn’t buy crap from them.

That said, Those high tech razors are a gimmick. They sucker guys all the time. Back in the day, I’d get the razor handle and a few blades as a sample in the mail. Just like a crack dealer, they want you hooked. It’s not the razor – it’s the blades – at what? $2 per? Haven’t bought any in decades. Three reasons – First, I have a beard and only shave my neck, or when I have a goatee, the sides of my face. Second, that synthetic strip they are touting irritates my skin. Third, I hate being made into an annuity with the intensity of a thousand suns.

For the most part, I use an electric. Which aren’t like they used to be. I had a genuine, American Made Remington for decades. I simply replaced the blade and screen from time to time. It worked great. It would tackle a two day growth, no problem (I will shave my entire face every so often). So I decided to buy another, since I don’t shave much.


This here is a piece of shit, made in China. More than a day of neckbeard and it floats over the top, cutting nothing. You have to use the hair trimmer first. Nearly useless.

So what do I do normally?

I use a stainless steel safety razor with Japanese Feather blades. Sometimes cheaper German ones. Blades are $.80 a piece or so on Amazon. Maybe $.05 at Classic Shaving. But you aren’t going to do what Sideshow Bob is doing above. You have to prep your face. Take a hot shower, step out, dry off, wet the face with hot water, lather up, and shave.

And I use either just soap or some shaving cream (unfoamy) that my wife got from Arbonne in a tube. Your face is prepped, your blade is sharp, it’s all you need.

Got it at ClassicShaving.com

I think the selling point was that it was a razor your grandkids will be fighting over.

So get a man’s razor and learn to shave. Don’t be a Sideshow Bob.