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“We must put an end once and for all to the hegemony of the United States, with its eternal desire to interfere in the affairs of sovereign states.”

Zhang Hanhui, Chinese Ambassador to Russia

The US keeps talking about dealing with other countries from a position of strength. This, in effect, means whoever has a bigger fist calls the shots. Isn’t this “coercive diplomacy”? The US spared no effort to crack down on China’s Huawei, France’s Alstom and Japan’s Toshiba and coerced the TSMC, Samsung and other companies to provide to the US chip supply chain data. Isn’t this “coercive diplomacy”? The US forced countries to take sides in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and wantonly threatened to impose unilateral sanctions and long-arm jurisdiction. Isn’t this “coercive diplomacy”

Secretary Blinken said that “all countries will be free to chart their own paths without coercion”. For that to happen, the US must first and foremost change its old habit of pursuing “coercive diplomacy”, stop interfering in the internal affairs of others, stop forcing countries to pick sides, stop abusing unilateral sanctions and stop hobbling hi-tech companies of other countries. China is ready to work with all countries upholding justice to stand against various coercive behaviors in the world. 

Zhao Lijian, Foreign Ministry, 6 June 2022

Can’t find a lot to argue with here. We are the busybodies of the world.

BTW, this isn’t the first time I’ve heard this. I’ve heard this many times from people I’ve met from around the world. The first time was eye opening. I was having lunch with a Pakistani guy who attended one of my classes. He was pretty animated about how we march in there and twist arms.

Don’t doubt it for a second. Sorry guys, they do it to us to. We call them the nanny state here. So we’ll do it to our own citizens, why is it out of the question we do that all over?

Consider; How much trouble does our meddling in other’s affairs have we caused over the years. Like my dad said about Vietnam (or el Salvador) – “Do you really care if the bananas you get are communist?”

One of the budget buster spending bills recently had millions for gender training for Pakistan. So you supposed they, a muslim country, will be appreciative of our alphabet training we’ll give them? Somehow I don’t think so.

Now, in my world this would be an opening for talks.

We’ll stop meddling (in China) if you stop IP theft. That said, we really need to mind our own business, and stop borrowing money only to ship it overseas, especially for unwelcome gender training.